World's Largest One Day Street Hockey Tournament



What you'll need before you register:

Gather information about your team and players:

  • 1. Players' Names
  • 2. Create an Original Team Name
  • 3. Make sure you print and bring all waiver forms completed with date-of-birth and parent or guardians signatures the day of the event!


Think of a game category you would prefer to play in:

Reminder – “All Categories are Just For Fun” Depending on the number of teams playing, you may not be entered into the Category of your first choice.

  1. “Family” – Enter your family Team and challenge all others. Age range from 6 to 90 or above.
  2. “Kids Rule” Put together for school age kids teams from 10-16 years or close to.
  3. “Friends vs Friends” Fun group – Get a team together from   any age and even put in a special challenge to a team you know.
  4. “Just for Fun” Another fun group. Friends and or Family. This group would be more for you if you have players 14 and above. For those not wanting to fall on a youngster! lol
  5. “Athletic Supporters” Teams with some athletic types wanting to just get out have some fun and experience the day!
  6. “N.H.L. Wannabes” Slightly competitive, but still realize this is  a Fun Community Event. Ages 16 and up.

Things to know while registering:

  1. If you are registering as an individual do not create a Team Name as you will be assigned to one later, you need only choose the game category you wish to play within.
  2. If you are registering a team it is best that you have the first and last name of all your team players first as it is more administratively confusing to add a player later... but we can add players manually later if need be. Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you register a team (minimum 2 players) and I will add team players slots for you.
  3. If you are registering a team, initially it will ask you for the # of players on your team. The first player you add is you, so make sure you include yourself when calculating the number of players you want to register.  As part of registering, you are to provide a user name and password(twice) to create a team account in which you will be able to come back and make changes to your roster once your team account is activated. If you are creating more than one team you need to create a new team/registration!
  4. You have two choice in making your donation: Donate Now or Donate Later.
  5. Once you register and login, a new menu item 'Manage Team' will appear. This will allow you to update existing players. If you need to add a player just send me and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll add a record you can update.
  6. When you/your team show up the day of the event proceed to the registration booth located at the 49th Parallel Grocery parking lot. We will need all waiver forms for all players and you will be told where you are to start your initial game... good luck, have fun, and from our donation recipients... Thank You!

Game On! Wait! Car! Game On!

Event Details

Event Date 06-04-2017
Event End Date 06-04-2017
Registration Start Date 04-19-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 592
Cut off date 06-03-2017
Suggested Donation (any amount on day of event) $10.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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