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About The Game, It's all about FUN!
The tournament itself will be a single game knockout format, with one exception. If you happen to lose your first game you are still guaranteed one more consolation game.  In order to be recognized by Guinness World RecordsTM, as the World's Largest One Day Street Hockey Tournament, a tournament format is to be followed. Each category will have it' s own winner.
The venue for the tournament is all along 1st Avenue of Ladysmith, and its side streets, towards the highway. Depending on the number of teams registered to play, it may go as far down as Methuen Street! We will try to get as many playing courts in this amount of space as possible to set the record of having the largest number of players in a street hockey tournament in one day. The length and width of the playing areas may differ and may not be the desired size to fit two adult teams. Teams will start four players out with a goalie, quickly subbing everyone in and out from the baseline. Play will be non-stop except to switch ends at half. When a ball goes out of play, the game Ambassador will toss in another ball towards the center of the court and play resumes. When a goal is scored there is no face-off at center. The game Ambassador will confirm the goal then the team which gets scored on will start play from their own end and play will continue. The games will consist of two 10 minute halves. The winners will continue on to designated playing areas. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the flip of a coin, except for the final games which will go to sudden death overtime.
Once the winners are determined we will celebrate this special event together at the Aggie Field. There will be town events going on during the games as well as a few concession stands and our very own "Hockey Hall of Fame" in the Aggie Hall. All proceeds from this event will go towards the Wounded Warriors Canada and Ladysmith Youth Sports. Let's have FUN!
Game Ambassador Duties
1) You are to take control of one of our 48 courts of play. You will be assigned a numbered area and will stay with that area until all games in that area are complete. (3-5 games)
2) You are to make sure that your goals are clearly marked with your court number
3) You will be given a minimum of 6 game balls. When one clearly goes flying way out of bounds throw in a new ball as close to the center of the court as quickly as you can so the game will flow nicely. ( send someone after the loose ball )
4) Games will start on time with a blast of an air horn. 1st one at 12:00 noon. Games will last 20 minutes (Quickly change ends after 10 minutes) Keep score on a pad and determine the winner and send volunteer runner to your category scoreboard with the winning teams name, the time of game, and your court number. E.g. “Predators won on court # 40 1:00 ” They will write it down on the large score board in your designated category area. There are only 8 courts in your category so this area will be fairly close. In the event of a tie a flip of your coin will determine the winner.
5) Your job is to keep things fun!!! SMILE. Be flexible on the “out of bounds”
6) RULES There really aren’t any particular rules in road hockey. We have asked all players not to raise their sticks above the waist and there are NO slap shots or hitting allowed. When a team scores, take note of it, and allow the team that is scored on to start out with the ball immediately from their own end. There are no face offs between goals. Just one at the beginning of the game. You simply Get the teams ready before game time then drop the ball in the middle of your court between the 2 center men and get out of the way as soon as possible. Observe the game from the sidelines. There isn’t enough room for you to stand in the way. Talk to the players. Make jokes. Let them know we are just here to have fun.
7) You will have a schedule with you of all the categories just in case someone asks you where some other team might be playing. Let the winning team know where and when they play next. It will be on your schedule. Remember you only have a 10-minute break between games. Some of you may be lucky and could have no games left on your court as early as 3 games in. Then you could look to see who else might need help. Burgers are on the house (max 2 Paul) and drinks if you are wearing your ref t-shirts.

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